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Domestic Well Sampling for Nitrates

Grower Quick Guide

Contact a Certified Laboratory
* Use an Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) laboratory certified for testing nitrate + nitrite as nitrogen. ELAP laboratory list can be found on the ILRP’s Drinking Water Well Monitoring webpage.
* Please use the same ELAP laboratory for your future sampling!
* Inform the ELAP laboratory about which coalition you are a member of and that you need your domestic well(s) sampled for nitrate + nitrite as nitrogen; make sure that the laboratory can load data to GeoTracker (State groundwater database).
* Laboratory and/or third-party consultants are available to assist with sampling, refer to the Sample Results and Reporting Requirements below.

If you are Collecting your own Sample
* Obtain sample bottles (with or without a preservative) with labels and a chain of custody (COC) form for nitrate + nitrite as nitrogen sampling from your ELAP laboratory.
* Follow proper sampling procedures and hold times (provided by the laboratory).
* Transport unpreserved samples to the laboratory using a cooler with ice (unpreserved samples should be transported at 39.2°F).
* Submit the COC and Drinking Water Well Member Information Form with sample(s) to the laboratory and keep a copy for your records.

Sample Results and Reporting Requirements
* Your ELAP laboratory will create a GeoTracker account for you based on your submitted Drinking Water Member Information Form which creates a Global ID# for each well. Use this number when submitting your second- and third-year samples.
* The laboratory and/or Central Valley Water Board will have your Global ID# on file. ¨The laboratory will enter your sample results into your GeoTracker account.
* If nitrate +nitrite as nitrogen levels are less than or equal to 10 mg/L, sample again the following year.
* If nitrate + nitrite as nitrogen levels are greater than 10 mg/L, notify drinking water users and the Central Valley Water Board’s ILRP within 10 days using the Notification template (found on the Drinking Water Well Monitoring webpage). Once drinking water users and the ILRP are notified, no further sampling is required.
* If you or your family are the only users, and you answered "yes" to question 1j. on the Drinking Water Member Information Form (found on the Drinking Water Well Monitoring webpage), your notification requirements has been fulfilled.

For Questions, Contact Us at : (916) 464-4611 : irrlands@waterboards.ca.gov Drinking Water Well Monitoring webpage <www.waterboards.ca.gov/centralvalley/water _issues/irrigated_lands/drinking_water/>

Please submit Notification Form to: Central Valley Water Board Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program 11020 Sun Center Drive, #200 Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
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