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Grower Reporting Program @ www.subwatershed.com

Irrigated Lands Program

What is the Irrigated Lands Program (ILP)? The ILP is a mandated program through the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) for irrigated landowners and operators within the Central Valley who have irrigation and/or stormwater leaving their irrigated agricultural lands or managed wetlands. It monitors water quality to ensure safe drinking waters within the State; surface and groundwater.

If you own and/or farm land that is irrigated that discharges water (there is runoff during a 100 year storm), and you sell a commercial crop you fall under this Order. Both Landowners and Growers are required to comply.

Growers are considered the "member" and are required to report parcels, crops, yields and complete questions annually. This program is on a separate website and only accessible by the grower.

In 2003, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) implemented a regulatory program covering irrigated agriculture by adopting a Conditional Waiver of waste discharge. Landowners and Growers of irrigated lands formed coalitions to comply with the regulations. Yolo County Farm Bureau formed a coalition for growers and landowners to join the Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (Coalition).

More information can be found on the Regional Board website at:

Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program FAQ

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