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Grower CEUs & Nitrogen Management Plan Self-Certification Courses

As you know, growers who receive their Nitrogen Management Plan Self-Certification must earn three hours of Continuing Education Units every three years. Since there were no continuing education classes/workshops available in the first two years of the training program, CDFA just announced that the Continuing Education Unit requirement for self-certifying growers will not begin until this calendar year, 2018.

If you received your Nitrogen Management Plan Self-Certification in 2016, 2017 or 2018, you must earn three Continuing Education Units before January 2021.

Any Continuing Education Units that you have already earned will count toward the three hours you are expected to earn before January 2021.
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Available Courses (updated 5/29/2019):
Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition

The courses highlighted in red are specifically for growers who want to receive training and certification for self-certifying (sign-off on) their own Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP).

If you already passed the course and want CE units for attending the course again, you can attend the 4 hour training and receive 1 hour of continuing education credits toward maintaining your certification. You must be present for all 4 hours to receive one hour/unit (however, no need to re-take the test).
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