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Sediment and Erosion Control Plan

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What is the Sediment and Erosion Control Plan?

Soil erosion and sediment deposition from farmlands can contribute to degraded surface water quality. Sediment delivery is known to be relatively high in areas where there are steep slopes, erodible soils, or rainfall runoff activity. Dirt roads, stream crossings, and other areas of disturbed ground where bare soils are susceptible to the erosive action of flowing water can also be contributors of sediment to water bodies.

A Sediment Discharge and Erosion Assessment Report (SDEAR) was prepared by our Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (Coalition) and approved by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) as required by the Irrigated Lands Program (ILP)/Order. Based on the approved SDEAR, it was determined that some agricultural lands in the Yolo County Farm Bureau ILP are prone to erosion and possible discharge of sediment which could degrade surface water quality. Because of that potential, identified members are required to use the template provided via mail October of 2017 to prepare and have certified a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP or Plan) for identified Field(s) or Parcel(s). The SECP must be maintained at the farming operation’s headquarters or primary place of business. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS PLAN TO YOLO COUNTY FARM BUREAU/COALITION. Upon request, the SECP must be made available to the Regional Board, or authorized representative, should they conduct an on-farm inspection. If this should be required, Yolo County Farm Bureau will help you through this process.

The SECP will help identify the erosion sources and potential locations of sediment discharge that could affect the quality of storm water and irrigation water discharges off your farm lands. As part of the Plan, you are asked to document the management practices you have or plan to implement based on the potential for sediment discharge and erosion from your Field(s) or Parcel(s). The SECP development must adequately address the Member’s farm operation and must be implemented to address site specific conditions. If you have misplaced your SECP template or need to know if you are required to do a SECP please contact us.

Online Self-Certification

If at least one or more Field(s) or Parcel(s), that you own or operate, enrolled in the Yolo County Farm Bureau ILP/Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (Coalition) have been identified as having the potential for generating sediment runoff to surface waters. A certified Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP) is your next requirement.

If you have not attended one of the self-certifications offered, we advise that you complete the online self-certification as we do not have any training dates scheduled for the future. If the Regional Water Quality Control Board selects your Field(s) or Parcel(s) for an on-farm inspection in and you have failed to become certified and complete this reporting requirement, they will expect members to comply within a short turn around which could be costly to the Member.

SECP Resources

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