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Haz Mat Transportation Basic Accident Procedures

CHP Recommended Procedures

If you have an accident or other highway incident involving the release (spill) of hazardous material(s), the following procedures** should be followed:

  1. Notify or have someone notify emergency response agencies immediately. This may be accomplished by telephoning “911.” Provide the following information
    • Your Name
    • Your Company Name
    • Location of the accident
    • Identity of the spilled material(s)
    • Nature of the accident
    • Any special handling instructions
  2. Stay at the accident scene (if possible) to provide information to emergency response personnel; provide any shipping papers, manifests, or other information that may help identify the spilled material(s).
  3. Avoid contact with the spilled material(s), stay upwind, and keep out of low areas.
  4. Warn others approaching the scene of potential hazards. Keep unnecessary people away.
  5. Shut off ignition sources; no flares, smoking, or flames in hazard area.
  6. Contain the spilled material(s) if it can be done safely. Divert liquid away from streams or sewers. Prevent powdered substances from being spread by the wind.
  7. Remove containers from potential sources of ignition if you can do so without risk.
  8. Stop leaks if you can do so safely.

**Compliance with these procedures in no way preludes the necessity for compliance with specific emergency incident requirements.

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