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Waste Oil Disposal 

Business Hazardous Waste

This information has been taken from the Yolo County Landfill website. 

State and Federal law require that all businesses and industries who generate, store, or accumulate hazardous waste comply with regulations for proper treatment, storage, and disposal of these wastes. 

This information and more regarding Hazardous Waste Disposal can be found on the Yolo County website

Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator 

Your business qualifies as a CESQG if it generates per month:     
   • Less than 220 pounds or 27 gallons of most hazardous materials (i.e. paints, solvents, 
   • Less than 2.2 pounds of acutely hazardous chemicals, (i.e., mercury or 
      some lab chemicals) 
   • Less than 110 pounds of perchloroethylene.

Registering as a CESQG 

You need a complete inventory of the hazardous waste you wish to dispose of at the time you register. Hazardous waste brought to the program must be described by at least the following: 
   1. Your company name, address, phone number and EPA ID #. 
   2. Estimate of how much hazardous waste is generated per month and per year at your
       business site. 
   3. Chemical name or trade name of the waste. 
   4. Percentages of chemical constituents in the waste. 
   5. Process generating waste and possible contaminants. 
   6. Size, type, weight, and number of containers to be brought in.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are often your best source of information regarding the potentially hazardous products you use. An MSDS will list the hazardous constituents of each product. MSDS’s are available from product suppliers. If you have an MSDS for the hazardous product or waste you want to dispose of, have it handy when you call in to register and bring a copy with you on the day of the CESQG event.

If you do not have an MSDS for your hazardous product or waste, describe the waste’s characteristics, uses, and origin to the CESQG coordinator and mark this information on the product container. If the waste is still in its original container, keep it there because information on the container is likely to help with the waste description.

If the waste is not in its original container, label the container clearly with the chemical contents or bring the original container along with you. Unknown wastes cannot be accepted under this program, but may be resubmitted once a satisfactory description is available.

Program Limits

State regulations allow CESQG events to collect no more than 220 pounds or 27 gallons of waste per business per collection event. For your convenience, the County will hold CESQG events weekly.   Explosive, infectious, radioactive, and certain chemical wastes and products are not accepted at CESQG events.

Regulated Hazardous Waste Generators

If your business generates per month more than the amounts of waste listed above, you are considered a regulated generator. You MAY NOT participate in the CESQG event.
For information on how to dispose of your hazardous waste, call a local hazardous waste management company, or the State Department of Toxic Substances Control at (916)255-1136.  

Generator Identification Number (EPA ID#)

In the State of California, every business which generates hazardous waste is required to have a Generator Identification Number. This can be obtained by going to the State Department of Toxic Substances Control website.  There is no fee to obtain an ID number, however processing times may be up to 3 weeks from the date of application. Please obtain a EPA ID # before making an appointment.

Make an Appointment

Complete the inventory sheet and call (800) 207-8222 to make an appointment or get answers to your questions. 

Inventory Sheet (PDF)
At Your CESQG Appointment

When you arrive at your scheduled time, you will be asked to fill out the top section of the business waiver and Certification Statement. You must then sign this form. The Statement is used to verify that all of the information on the completed form is accurate to the best of the company’s knowledge, and to verify that the company understands and meets the regulatory requirements for qualification as a CESQG.


There is a processing fee involved in the collection of CESQG hazardous wastes. Prices will vary considerably depending on the amount of waste being brought in for disposal. Exact prices can only be given through the CESQG registration process.

This information and more regarding Hazardous Waste Disposal can be found on the Yolo County website


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